I Won’t Hide My Feelings

I refuse to hide my feelings. By feelings I mean my reaction to things said or done to me and not necessarily the loving or overly emotional ones. If I don’t agree with something someone’s said I will tell them so. Many are surprised when I correct or at least protest some assessment they’ve made of me but, in my eyes, if you can say what you want, so can I.

I’ve recently been called sensitive. That might very well be the case, though there are only certain things that would bother me. I don’t mind and actually appreciate people being candid and saying what they really feel. However, I won’t hesitate to tell them if I don’t agree. I’ve been told I shouldn’t take things personally but I can’t help it. For too long have I hidden my true self, have not spoken up or stood up for myself. These days are long gone. Quite frankly, I’d rather voice my thoughts and maybe cause the situation to become uncomfortable than swallowing my anger and let things slide. I suppose that makes me less likeable. That’s okay – I won’t (and don’t need to) be everybody’s friend and certainly not if I’d have to suppress my authentic self.

I have bad traits and can be difficult. I am not perfect. I don’t see anything wrong with that. And I won’t apologize for it.


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