About Lifespotting Twenties

Welcome to the online journal of a twenty-something! This is the place where I’ll share my personal thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Read on to find out a bit about me and my life and while going through my posts – laughing at my mistakes and embarrassing stories, agreeing or disagreeing with me on my views and standpoints, and feeling for me in my worries and troubles – maybe you’ll see a bit of yourself in them 😉

Some facts about me:

  • I have recently entered my twenties and, like so many others of my generation, got the need to share bits and pieces of myself with the world (hence this blog).
  • This happens to be my second blog, so I’ve got some experience with the voicing of opinions online but I am planning to do it a bit differently this time round. The concept of this blog is that of an online journal – a collection of my most personal, deepest, and sometimes secret thoughts, dreams, and hopes.
  • I’m currently studying towards a BA in English & American Studies and it is my biggest desire to one day be able to call myself a writer.
  • My favourite things include reading, taking pictures of sunsets & nature, riding my bike, spending too much time on the internet, food, getting into (small) arguments, drawing & painting, watching movies, day-dreaming & talking to myself, dancing, list-making & note-taking, receiving mail, travelling, home decor, inspirational quotes, and, of course, writing.
  • My interests are language and literature, arts and culture, photography, film and television, media and communication, feminism, travelling, music, sociology, history, and philosophy.

I hope you’re now inspired to follow me on my journaling journey – feel free to join the ride!


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